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After Action is currently looking to employ a full-time therapist or social worker for our all men’s residential detox and treatment program. The Therapist will be responsible for the overall welfare and program management of their designated caseload. They will deliver individualized treatment, including assessments, design and implementation of personalized treatment plan, as well as development and execution of discharge plans; all to begin at the time the client is admitted to the program.
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  • Minimum Master’s Degree in Psychology or Social Work.
  • Associate MFT or ASW
  • If in recovery, shall have a minimum of two years of sobriety.
  • Minimum of 2 years’ experience in counseling and case management in the field of alcohol and drug treatment.
  • Ability to treat assigned clients with respect and dignity no matter what race, religion, sex they may be while managing the client’s treatment.
  • Skills and knowledge of psychiatric issues, pharmacology, crisis management.


  • Responsible to: Operations Manager, Clinical Director
  • Classification: Full Time
  • Minimum requirements and responsibilities:
  • Conduct initial assessments including substance abuse history, psychiatric history, and psychosocial assessment.
  • Develop and implement appropriate multidisciplinary treatment plan which identifies and addresses problem definition, short term and long term goals and interventions to achieve treatment objectives.
  • Meet with assigned clients one-to-one minimally 2 times per week to evaluate and document progress accordingly.
  • Make adjustments and modifications to treatment plan with the client when progress or decline in progress is identified.
  • Assist the client in the development of realistic and comprehensive discharge plans.
  • Assist client to arrange aftercare plans with outside service providers and other community resources.
  • Coordinate client needs with program counselors, Clinical director, Operations Manager, Executive Director, or other staff members as needed.
  • Maintain professional interactions with all clients and assist with immediate problem-solving needs during a crisis.
  • Enforce the rules and regulations of the program including the implementation of behavioral/recovery contracts as needed.
  • Obtain appropriate written consents and facilitate communication and act as liaison with outside parties involved with client’s treatment.
  • Conduct goal oriented recovery groups.
  • Document all interaction and treatment with client and any significant other(s) in the client record according to facility guidelines.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Operations Manager, Executive Director, or other designee.


  • 90-day waiting period
  • Only full-time employees eligible
Work Remotely
  • No
Job Type: Full-time
Pay: $60,000.00 - $80,000.00 per year

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