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Our Treatment Modalities at After Action

At After Action, we understand that recovery is a deeply personal journey, requiring a compassionate, tailored approach. Our residential treatment program is designed to feel like a sanctuary, offering an inviting, home-like setting where individuals can embark on their path to healing with support and dignity. Our program is structured to balance therapeutic sessions, both group and individual, with a variety of healing modalities that cater to the whole person—mind, body, and spirit.

A Day in Our Care

At After Action, we meticulously design each day to seamlessly integrate a rich variety of therapy sessions with enriching activities aimed at promoting deep healing and self-discovery. Moving beyond the confines of conventional therapy, we embrace recreational therapy and innovative techniques, including the transformative experiences offered by our sensory room. This comprehensive approach ensures that every aspect of recovery is addressed, from the mental and emotional to the physical and spiritual.

Our carefully curated activities are selected not only for their therapeutic value but also for their ability to inspire joy, relaxation, and a renewed sense of purpose. The sensory room, a cornerstone of our innovative modalities, provides a unique and safe space for first responders to explore and understand their sensory inputs, aiding significantly in stress management and emotional regulation.

Together, these elements create a holistic recovery experience, tailored specifically to the needs of first responders. Our program is designed to nurture resilience, foster personal growth, and support a journey back to wellness with care, understanding, and respect for each individual's path.

The Sensory Room: 
A Cornerstone of Self-Regulation

A standout feature of our program is the sensory room, a unique environment designed to calm the mind and enhance the foundational skill of self-regulation, crucial for adapting to life beyond our structured setting. This space offers a rich sensory experience through sight, sound, smell, touch, proprioception, and vestibular input, assisting with:
  • Decreasing anxiety, agitation, pain, and anger
  • Teaching and enhancing self-regulation techniques
  • Reducing the impacts of depression
  • Providing a multitude of sensory inputs for relaxation and focus
  • Promoting exploration, play, and patient empowerment
  • The sensory room is an integral part of our occupational therapy program, focusing on sensory modulation by adjusting patients' sensory input to aid in self-regulation, offering a safe haven for individuals to explore and understand their sensory preferences and needs.

Comprehensive Therapeutic Approaches

In conjunction with our unique sensory room, we employ a range of evidence-based therapeutic modalities to address the complexities of addiction and mental health issues. Our approach includes:

A Journey Towards Healing and Empowerment

At After Action, our mission is to support each individual's journey towards healing, empowerment, and a fulfilling life post-treatment. By embracing a variety of treatment modalities, we ensure a personalized approach, recognizing and honoring the unique path of each person we have the privilege to serve. Together, we explore, heal, and grow towards a future defined by resilience, understanding, and lasting recovery.

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