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Sober Transport Services for First Responders
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Intervening on behalf of a first responder facing the challenges of addiction is a pivotal yet sensitive step. Recognizing the depth of their service and the unique pressures they face, our intervention planning is specifically designed to address the complexities encountered by first responders.

An intervention serves as a supportive bridge, guiding a first responder from the grips of addiction towards the path of recovery. It’s a compassionate confrontation, aiming not to cast blame but to unveil the reality of addiction’s impact and the collective support awaiting them.

Simple Intervention: A one-on-one conversation that maintains the dignity and respect deserving of a first responder, facilitated with professional guidance to ensure a supportive environment.

Classic Intervention: A collaborative effort by colleagues, family, and friends, forming a circle of trust and understanding, guided by an expert to ensure a message of unity and support.

Crisis Intervention: Immediate action following a critical incident, offering a hand in the darkest moments to secure safety and initiate the journey to recovery.

Our interventions aim to resonate with the core values of courage and commitment inherent to first responders. Whether it leads to immediate treatment entry or the first acknowledgement of a struggle, the goal is to ignite a spark of hope and readiness for change, emphasizing the importance of health and well-being not just for the individual but for those they serve.

Understanding the potential of interventions to be perceived as confrontational, our approach is steeped in empathy, respect, and a deep understanding of the first responder community. We advocate for strategies that build on the strengths and resilience of first responders, utilizing:

Tough Love: Clearly communicating the consequences of continued addiction while ensuring the individual knows they are valued and supported.

Love First: Encouraging open, heartfelt communication through letters that express concern, shared memories, and a unified front of support.

The investment in an intervention is an investment in a life. While costs can vary, our focus is on ensuring the most effective and supportive intervention strategy is accessible, considering the individual’s specific circumstances and needs.

The choice of an interventionist is crucial. At After Action, we’re committed to connecting you with professionals who not only understand the intricacies of addiction but also the unique challenges and needs of first responders. Our network of interventionists is experienced in addressing the specific concerns that come with the territory of those who’ve dedicated their lives to serving others.

Recognizing the bravery in reaching out for help, After Action stands ready to assist you in planning and executing an intervention that honors the service and sacrifice of first responders. Contact us to explore how we can support you in this critical step towards recovery and resilience.

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Siri Sat Khalsa, MD, Medical Director
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Siri Sat Khalsa, MD
Dr. Siri Sat Khalsa is a board certified Addictionologist with over a decade of experience as a specialist in detoxing and treating patients with alcohol and substance use disorders. As a graduate of USC medical school and Harbor UCLA residency, she spent 10 years a Family Practitioner before discovering her passion for caring for patients struggling with addictions. Her approach is to safely detox patients as comfortably as possible and to then focus on caring for the anxiety and depression and other mental health issues that typically accompany substance use disorders while simultaneously crafting plans to sustain long term sobriety.

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