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Ketamine Recovery for First Responders at After Action
Ketamine: A Dual-Edged Sword for First Responders
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Ketamine presents a paradox, offering both medical benefits as an anesthetic and challenges as a potential substance of abuse. Within the first responder community, the pressures of high-stress professions can sometimes lead to the misuse of substances like ketamine, seeking relief from the intense demands of their roles. After Action is dedicated to addressing the unique needs of first responders facing challenges with ketamine use.

Recognizing the dual nature of ketamine—its role in medical settings versus its potential for dependency and abuse—is the first step in crafting a recovery approach that respects the complexities faced by first responders. Our programs are designed to offer support and treatment that acknowledge the high-stakes environments in which these professionals operate.

Ketamine’s allure for some in the first responder community can be attributed to its dissociative properties, offering a temporary escape from reality. However, the side effects—ranging from drowsiness and dissociation to more severe symptoms like memory loss and psychosis—can severely impact job performance and personal well-being.

Early detection of ketamine misuse is crucial. For first responders, signs to watch for include:

⦁ Changes in behavior or mood, especially during off-duty hours.
⦁ Physical signs such as slurred speech, memory loss, or unusual drowsiness.
⦁ Withdrawal from social interactions or activities once enjoyed.
⦁ Defensive attitudes when confronted about potential substance use.
⦁ Comprehensive Treatment for Ketamine Dependence

Medically Supervised Detoxification: Safely managing withdrawal symptoms, acknowledging the physical and psychological stressors unique to first responder work.
Targeted Therapy: Implementing cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to address the underlying causes of substance use, promoting healthier coping strategies.
Peer Support: Providing support groups tailored to first responders, creating a space for shared experiences and recovery strategies.
Resilience Building: Integrating stress management techniques specific to the demands of first responder duties, enhancing resilience against future substance misuse.

After Action stands ready to assist first responders in navigating the challenges of ketamine misuse. Recognizing the critical roles these professionals play in our communities, we are committed to providing a supportive and understanding environment conducive to healing and recovery.

If you or a fellow first responder is navigating the complexities of ketamine misuse, After Action offers the specialized support and treatment necessary for a successful recovery journey. Contact us to explore our treatment options and embark on a path to recovery that respects the demands of your profession and personal life.

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Siri Sat Khalsa, MD, Medical Director
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Siri Sat Khalsa, MD
Dr. Siri Sat Khalsa is a board certified Addictionologist with over a decade of experience as a specialist in detoxing and treating patients with alcohol and substance use disorders. As a graduate of USC medical school and Harbor UCLA residency, she spent 10 years a Family Practitioner before discovering her passion for caring for patients struggling with addictions. Her approach is to safely detox patients as comfortably as possible and to then focus on caring for the anxiety and depression and other mental health issues that typically accompany substance use disorders while simultaneously crafting plans to sustain long term sobriety.

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