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Mayra Bonilla
Mayra Bonilla
Director of Nursing

My name is Mayra Bonilla and I am the Licensed Nurse at Northridge Detox. I have extensive experience in the healthcare industry providing direct patient care in other roles for over 17 years. I was highly motivated after nursing school to learn more about drug addiction and treatment to be able to provide the best care to a population struggling with addiction and other mental health disorders. I am fulfilling my passion and purpose which allows me to help patients from all walks of life with such a difficult life long disease and the changes it brings. In my role, my primary responsibilities include responding to all medical and nursing needs of patients which includes medication administration, pharmacy & physician communication, patient education, assessments and follow-up and responding to medical emergencies. Part of my role also includes continuing staff education, supervision, support and follow up to ensure we are providing care that exceeds standards in providing a healing and safe environment at all times. I am part of a collaborative and cohesive team that strives to provide each patient with a smooth transition into detox and thereafter. I believe every life matters, every story is unique, and everyone deserves as many chances as needed to live a fulfilled life, so I ensure that every day I handle my job with careful attention.

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